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We Have Moved!

Ginger and the Geek has come to an end! Kat and Daniel have moved on to new websites. Kat continues to blog about fashion on Ginger, Adorned (gingeradorned.com). Daniel draws comics and writes humor on Clattertron (clattertron.com). Thanks for being a fan! You can also follow Kat and Daniel on Twitter!

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Jan 12 / Daniel J. Hogan

Every Ginger and the Geek Podcast Episode

Ginger and the Geek came to an end, but you can still listen to all the episodes in the archive. Here is a list every episode, with a link to the show notes as well as a download link. Enjoy.

Season One

001 – Awkward Introductions (12.09.10) Download

002 – Merry Spanxmas (12.23.10) Download

003 – Cool as Ice (01.06.11) Download

004 – A Comic Hope (01.13.11) Download

005 – Peyton Manning, Jimmy Carter, or Your Daddy (01.20.11) Download

006 – Larry Fishbowls (01.27.11) Download

007 –Barbara Mandrill (02.03.11) Download

008 – Displacement Behavior (02.10.11) Download

009 – Video Game A Go-Go (02.17.11) Download

010 – Oscar Palooza (02.24.11) Download

011 – Kat Cooper, Mistress of Disguse (03.03.11) Download

012 –  That’s What She Said (03.10.11) Download

013 – March Madness (03.17.11) Download

014 –  Beer, Football, Popcorn, Volunteering, and an Australian (03.24.11) Download

015 – Play Ball (03.31.11) Download

016 – One of Those Shows (04.07.11) Download

017 – Music and Film (04.14.11) Download

018 – Speakeasies and Little Black Dresses (04.31.11) Download

019 – Dirty Feat and Derby Vixens (05.05.11) Download

020 – TEDx Lansing, MITN, Monkeyball, and Music Festivals (05.12.11) Download

021 – American Craft Beer Week, Wine & Stein, Fairview St., & Animal Jokes (05.19.11) Download

022 – Kitten Town (05.26.11) Download

023 – Be a Rock Star in Your Own Town (06.02.11) Download

024 – Geek the Library, Books, and Fashion (06.09.11) Download

025 – Kat Pretends to Care about Video Games (06.16.11) Download

026 – Lansing’s First National Gold ADDY (06.23.11) Download

027 – Andi Osters, Geek Design, and Michigan Beer (06.30.11) Download

028 – Those Meddling Kids (07.14.11) Download

029 – Gone Fishin’ (07.21.11) Download

030 – Octopus Squad (08.04.11) Download

031 – Men With Beards and Why She Loves Them (08.18.11) Download

Tiger Cage 001 – Food of the Gods (09.01.11) Download

032 – 5000 Blinky Cups Can’t Be Wrong (09.01.11) Download

033 – The Man From Dragon*Con (09.15.11) Download

034 – Julie Mann, Schuler Books Events, Plaidurday (09.29.11) Download

035 –  Andi Osters, One Army Wife’s Tale, Halloween Reading, Melik (10.13.11) Download

036 – Potter Park Zoo Tiger Cubs, Great American Fierce Beard Organization, Lansing Charities, Melik & Skits (10.27.11) Download

Tiger Cage 002 – Dollman (10.27.11) Download

037 – You Can’t Do That On A Live Podcast (11.10.11) Download

038 – 517 Shirts, LCC Music, Events (11.22.11) Download

Season Two

039 – Podcast 039 – Zombie Prep, Tastes Like Schmitt, NHL Realignment, Top 5 Things to Do Around Lansing(12.08.11) Download

040 – Podcast 040 – Docufest, Ben Slayter, Andi Osters, Top 5 Things to Do Around Lansing(12.15.11) Download

041 – Podcast 041 – Jeffrey Van Camp, Movies, Tech, Gadgets, Top 5 Things to Do Around Lansing(12.22.11) Download

042 – Unavailable D: But, here is a recap.

043 – Podcast 043 – Tim Schmitt, Dirty Feat, Vacant Lansing, Top 5 Things to Do Around Lansing(01.26.12) Download

044 – Podcast 044 – Andi Osters, Super Bowl, Jay Jacot, MSU Comics Forum, Top 5 Things to Do Around Lansing(02.02.12) Download

045 – Podcast 045 – MarketLansing, Jungle Love at Potter Park Zoo, Top 5 Things to Do Around Lansing(02.09.12) Download

046 – Podcast 046 – Loudpixel, Magic School Bus at Impression 5, Top 5 Things to Do Around Lansing(02.23.12) Download

047 – Podcast 047 – “Rubber Soul” Sketch, Superhero Stumble, Kat Cooper: Hot or WAY Hot? Top Five Things to Do in Lansing(03.01.12) Download

048 – Podcast 048 – “GrittSuite” Sketch, CAWLM Flashback Fundraiser, John Carter (03.08.12) Download

049 – Podcast 049 – “New Sound” sketch, Battlefield Brawl III, ShutoCon(03.15.12) Download

050 – Podcast 50 – “There’s a Kat For That” Sketch, Michigan’s Gray Wolves, GAFBO, Top 5 Things to Do Around Lansing(03.22.12) Download

051 – Podcast 51 – “Fly Rule,” Lansing Lugnuts Crosstown Showdown, Artie’s Filling Station(03.29.12) Download

052 – Podcast 52 – “Katchphrase” Sketch, Capital City Film Festival Bands(04.05.12) Download

053 – Podcast 53 – “Hey Kat” Sketch, Capital City Film Festival Films, TEDx Lansing(04.12.12) Download

054 – Podcast 54 – “Risk-y Date” sketch; City Saunter; TEDx and CCFF recap; Jim C. Hines Rape Crisis Center Fundraiser(04.19.12) Download

055 – Podcast 55 – “Avenge Me” sketch; Paul Starr from I’m a Beer Hound; Michigan Craft Beer; Lansing Events(04.26.12) Download

056 – Podcast 056 – “Rocky 2012” sketch; The Bloggess event at Schuler Books(05.03.12) Download

057 – Podcast 057 – “Wishes” Sketch, CADL Events, GAFBO Beard Prom(05.10.12) Download

058 – Podcast 058 – Potter Park Zoo Wine & Stein, Michigan Craft Beer(05.17.12) Download

059 – Podcast 059 – “Gatorland Park” Sketch, Michigan Search and Rescue, MITN’s Get in the Game Event (05.24.12) Download

060 – Podcast 060 – Summer Reading, Be a Tourist in Your Own Town (05.31.12) Download

061 – Podcast 061 – “Snow White and the Salesman” Sketch, Julie Powers (06.07.12) Download

062 – Podcast 062 – Lansing Derby Vixens, Clarion Write-a-Thon (06.21.12) Download

063 – Podcast 063 – Daniel’s engagement, Kat in New York, Summer hiatus (06.28.12) Download

064 –Podcast 064 – So Long, And Thanks For All the Fish (08.16.12) Download

Aug 16 / Podcast Tron 3000

Podcast 064 – So Long, And Thanks For All the Fish

Here it is, the Final Ginger and the Geek Podcast (until there is another one…who knows?). Guests include popular favorites, Tim “Tastes Like” Schmitt, Julie “Super” Powers, and Jake “Not Dave Grohl” Pechtel. Like always, Melik is around, because he is cool as ice (not unlike the film).

Download (right click and choose Save As or Save Link As) or Play Now in your browser with the player below.


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Main Segment: Live, from the Lansing Public Media Center (recorded 08.14.2012) Kat Cooper and Daniel J. Hogan (along with producer Melik) chat with their rogues gallery of guests about anything and everything. Jake has some details on the latest news at Potter Park Zoo (including the Big Zoo Party), Julie talks about upcoming Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council events.

Other topics of discussion include: reality TV, college riots, and Daniel getting rid of his bachelor pad couch.

The show ends with Kat and Daniel giving thanks to Lansing, and to the fans of the show, and plugging their future projects. Kat is moving her fashion blogging to gingeradorned.com, while Daniel will focus on drawing comics and writing humor on clattertron.com. Daniel is also part of the monthly Lost Highway B-movie Review Podcast (as Tiger Sixon), which is now available on iTunes.

Notes from the Geek

Thank you everyone! If folks want a more detailed manifesto about why the show and the blog came to an end, here you go.

Tl;dr version: It was just time to move on.

Who knows though, we could be back in the future. I have plenty of other things to keep me busy (another podcast, humor writing, drawing comics, finishing a novel, watching A-Team reruns).

We had a good run, and had fun along the way–and we at least tried.

We did something.
We created.
We shared.

I would rather have it go this way (not finding the success we hoped for) than never taking a chance, and be left wondering, “What if I tried to do a talk show? What if I tried narrow-casting with a focus on promoting all the fun stuff Lansing has to offer?”

I’ll take having to stop something, over never starting and being full of regret every time. Sixty-four shows is a hell of an accomplishment. That’s sixty-four more shows than the average person will ever do.

And that’s my advice: create, share, repeat. Take a chance, and for Batman’s sake, TRY.

Daniel (the Geek)

Kat Cooper and Daniel J. Hogan thank all of their fans and supporters. Yes, even you with the bad haircut. The further adventures of Kat Cooper can be found on gingeradorned.com, while Daniel J. Hogan will be spending his time on clattertron.com for here on out. Thanks y’all, it has been a slice.