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Mar 24 / Podcast Tron 3000

Podcast 014 – Beer, Football, Popcorn, Volunteering, and an Australian

What do you get when you mix beer, football, popcorn, volunteering, and an Australian? A great podcast, pal. Our guests include Chad Jordan, Justin Caine, Paul Starr, Josh Hovey, and Suban Nur Cooley.

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First segment (00:00 – 02:07):

Kat gives a brief hello before Suban Nur Cooley fills in for the reminder of the episode. Count how many times Daniel’s cell phone goes off in this segment.

Events this weekend: Run for the House 5k and Lansing Give Camp (Daniel is volunteering at this weekend long charity event). Kat is in Distracted, a play by the Peppermint Creek Theatre Company.

Second segment (02:08 – 12:45):

Chad Jordan of Cravings Popcorn

Chad is excited about the latest popcorn flavors at Cravings.

Lansing’s resident popcorn maestro, Chad Jordan of Cravings Popcorn, stops by with a brand new flavor–BBQ. Cravings now offers free delivery in Lansing!


Third segment (13:09 – 25:30) :

Justin Caine of Good Fruit Video and Battlefield Brawl

Justin ready for some foot-baaalll. Boom.

Like football? Want to raise money for a good cause? Then check out Battlefield Brawl, a flag football tournament that raises money for children’s neurology at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing. Hear all the details from the event’s founder, and childhood brain cancer survivor, Justin Caine.


Justin also owns his own business in Lansing, Good Fruit Video.

Fourth segment (25:32 – 39:30) :

Paul Starr from imabeerhound.com

Paul decides NOT to try one of Daniel's home brews.

Paul Starr has a love affair with Michigan made beer. He started up I’m a Beer Hound to share his love of Michigan beer with the world.


Fifth segment (39:52 – 51:47):


Josh Hovey from United Way.

Josh Hovey discusses the finer points of volunteering and beard grooming.

Guest co-host Suban Nur Cooley gives a brief update on her wellness blogging project, Poppy on a Kite.


The United Way Young Leaders Society empowers young professionals to make a positive and lasting impact in Lansing. Josh Hovey, Chair of the Lansing Young Leaders Society, gives us all the details.

Notes from the Geek:

Suban did a great job filling in for Kat in this episode–especially since I asked her to do so at the last minute. Kat will be back next week, so fear not.

I’m trying some new things with this post, including more photos and time codes for each segment. I hope you like ’em.

Shake it easy,

Daniel (the Geek)

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  1. Beth Berens / Mar 24 2011

    I just went to Cravings for the first time the other day. My boyfriend and I got the Caramel Apple Cinnamon and the Bacon Cheddar. They were delicious! Today’s his birthday and I would’ve loved to order it for him, but he’s still got plenty of popcorn to get through! Don’t worry Chad, we’ll be back, though. ;D

  2. Daniel / Mar 24 2011

    I’m jealous! Thanks for listening, Beth 😀

  3. Jen / Mar 25 2011

    This is an opportunity to publicly thank Chad and Cravings Popcorn.
    I just wanted to share a little bit more about Chad and Craving’s Popcorn. I am the coordinator for the Violence Intervention & Prevention Project with Gateway Community Services, a non-profit program for middle-school aged kids. Most of our kids are termed “at risk” because of economic, educational, social, or other disadvantage, and the majority have experienced violence in their lives in one form or another. Up until our funding dried up last month, we held after school groups in area schools, 5 days a week. The first thing that kids want when they get out of school is a snack – usually because they are hungry. Because our funding would not allow for “snacks, incentives, or rewards” the weekly cost of snacks came out of my pocket. This is where Chad stepped up. I cannot count the number of times he donated popcorn for the kids, sometimes even throwing in surprises of flavored popcorn, which the kids all loved. Even the kids who claimed not to like popcorn, LOVED Cravings Popcorn, asked where it came from, if they could have more, and if I would be bringing some the next week.
    Chad could have easily sited the hardship of the economy, the struggles of a smaller business, or any number of real and honest reasons for not being able to donate to our program – instead, his offer of help was without hesitation and was consistent up to the day of VIP Project’s suspension.

    It is hard for any business, even more so for any individual, to “give for the sake of giving” in this economy. Cravings Popcorn gave to a lot of kids who have been through a lot of bad stuff, for no reason other than to GIVE.
    Since Chad may not be likely to acknowledge his own good deeds, I would like to do so for him.
    If you believe in supporting businesses that support the community, visit Cravings in Old Town.
    Thanks again, Chad!

    Jen Loforese
    Coordinator, Violence Intervention & Prevention Project
    Gateway Community Services
    East Lansing

  4. Daniel / Mar 25 2011

    Thanks for listening, Jen!

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