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Jun 16 / Podcast Tron 3000

Podcast 025 – Kat Pretends to Care about Video Games

Hobo Journalist Tricia Bobeda share her latest stories, including her adventures at Chalk of the Town. Dan Hartley from LCC TV’s Double Jump talks video games, and Kat pretends to care.

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NOTE: due to a last minute schedule change, Chris VanWyck will be our guest next week, not this week as mentioned in today’s issue of Lansing NOISE.

First segment (00:00 – 12:15):

Kat banged up her knees while performing a dance routine at the Pulsar Awards, and Daniel had a few dizzy spells–what a rough week! The pair share Father’s Day gift ideas, and Daniel talks about seeing Super 8 over the weekend.

Second segment (12:39 – 26:52):

Tricia Bobeda, hobo journalist for the Lansing NOISE, returns! (she was a guest on the first episode) She shares a few stories featured in today’s issue of Lansing NOISE, including a write up about Fiction 440 (Aaron Matthews was a guest on episode 005). Tricia also talks about creating the “Lansing Fish Ladders” game (along with Valerie Morgan) at Chalk of the Town in Old Town.

Daniel shot a video of the game, check it out:

[video link]

Third segment (26:53 – 44:36):

Dan Hartley Has Joined the Party! Ahem. Yes, the host of LCC TV’s video game show, Double Jump, is back once again to talk about all things video games. Daniel is stuck in Super Metroid and Kat’s boyfriend keeps beating her high scores on Bejeweled. First world problems at their finest. Dan also discusses E3 and Nintendo’s newest system, the Wii U.

Fourth segment (45:00 – 49:20) :

Events around Lansing!

Events mentioned in this segment:

Notes from the Geek:

I really am stuck in Super Metroid. It sucks.

Daniel (the Geek)


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  1. John A. Hayner / Jun 21 2011

    Meh, I guess I’ll talk to you guys back…

  2. John A. Hayner / Jun 21 2011

    p.s. cool video of chalk of the town!

  3. Daniel / Jun 21 2011

    Thanks! It was quite a bit of work, but fun.

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