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Nov 21 / Kat

Kitty Corner – Stocking Stuffer for the Child of the 80’s

by Kat

I got my hair cut last week (nothing drastic, just my once-every-5-weeks cut) and there in the salon, was the cutest little set of nailpolishes my muppet-loving heart could stand:

I mean, what girl who grew up in the 80’s can resist a PINK SPARKLY nailpolish called ‘Excuse Moi’?

Not this one! (By the way – in that above photo, from Amazon.com, the polishes don’t line up with their names) Included in the mini set are:

-Warm and Fozzie – a coppery brown perfect for fall and winter
– Wocka Wocka – a bright berry red, perfect for any holiday fete
-Designer…de better – a semi-sheer silver that would add a sheen to any polish, or be great in several coats alone
– Excuse Moi – pink and sparkly, as said above

So if there’s any ladies on your list who recall seeing ‘The Great Muppet Caper’ in the theatres…or over and over on Beta or VHS as kids, I’d bet she’d love this little gift on Christmas morning (or Hanukkah night!) Amazon only has 20 more in stock, so move fast, or visit your local OPI salon for more.

And ladies – taking other stocking stuffer suggestions right here! Let me know what you’re looking for or buying for others.


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  1. Jenny Schu. / Nov 21 2011

    These are awesome! Want!

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