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Feb 14 / Kat

Kitty Corner – Painting the Town Red…and Pink

by Kat

Lately, I’ve been finding myself drawn to color. And not just any color – bright bold colors in fun – and sometimes unusual combinations. (Hey! Subscribe to my fashion feed!)

Like red. With bubble-gum pink and a nice, saturated turquoise.

This, from a girl who FOUGHT with her mother (at age 6) about how gray DID NOT match pink.

Well, you were right, young Kat – they don’t ‘match’

But they sure as heck ‘go.’

You know, I hate being wrong – but when I am, I’ll admit it.

Mom, I was wrong. Pink AND gray are now part of our wedding pallette.

Eat those words, 6-year old me!

Supporting Cast:
Top: Banana Republic Factory Store
Pants: Thrifted
Shoes: Merona, thrifted
Flower: Birchbox for Bride
Bag: Gift
Bracelets: Honora, unknown
Earrings: Fossil, gift
Watch: Michael Kors, gift
Sunnies: Maui Jim

What color combo did you swear didn’t match, only to find yourself wearing?


photos by Blonde Bedhead’s Andrea Kerbuski

Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear


  1. preethi / Feb 14 2012

    Love that bright pop of blue with the pink & red!

    lace, etc.

  2. BiblioMOMia / Feb 14 2012

    That combo of orange and turquoise is simply gorgeous with your coloring–I might just have to steal it. The pink pumps are the perfect accent to both. Found you through EBEW–stop by and say hi if you have a second. Always love meeting new people. Happy Valentines to you, chickadee.

  3. alicatstrut / Feb 14 2012

    Lovely! Red and turquoise is a favorite pairing of mine and I really love the way the turquoise somehow pulls the pink into the outfit even better.

  4. Tam / Feb 16 2012


    And I particularly LOVE LOVE LOVE that purse! Was it made from an actual book cover or something? VERY cool for a bookworm like me!

    Love that red and turquoise combo on you. I might try that one of these days, but with my coloring, I’d have to go for a more “blue” red, if you know what I mean…

    Pink and gray are EXCELLENT together. I had the same argument with my mom, but it was about green and pink, which is what she did my room in when I was little. I had to eat my words, too.

  5. Brenda / Feb 17 2012

    I also LOVE that purse. I see it was a gift, but can you find out more about where it was purchased and share?

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