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Mar 8 / Podcast Tron 3000

Podcast 048 – “GrittSuite” Sketch, CAWLM Flashback Fundraiser, John Carter

A sketch about GrittSuite, a new social media tool, followed by Emily from CAWLM talking about the Flashback Fundraiser. Plus, dumb jokes, and Kat’s Top 5 Things to Do Around Lansing.

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Opening Sketch: “GrittSuite” Worried about the ROI on your apples and oranges outside of the box at the end of the day? Well, pin this: GrittSuite is the social media tool for you. Unpaid intern tested, guru approved. (written by Daniel J. Hogan)

Main Segment: Live, from the Lansing Public Media Center (recorded 03.06.2012) Kat Cooper and Daniel J. Hogan chat Emily Caswell from Capital Area Woman’s Lifestyle Magazine shares all the details about the magazine’s 80’s themed Flashback Fundraiser.

There is a contest to win tickets, listen for details. Radical, “dude.”

Daniel goes on and on (and on) about John Carter, the Disney sci-fi film opening this weekend, while Kat shares her Top 5 Things to Do Around Lansing. The pair recap last week’s Vacant Lansing event, and share an idea for a Potter Park Zoo ad campaign. You have been warned.


Notes from the Geek:

Try GrittSuite for all your gritty  needs. If there is one thing I love lampooning more than myself, it is social media.

Daniel (the Geek)

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  1. Nicole Martin / Mar 12 2012

    Cool contest! My favorite 80’s movie is Ghostbusters because… well, it’s Ghostbusters! It’s just awesome. Plus, I have fond memories of roller skating to song “Ghostbusters” at the Skatin’ Station, so that only enhances my love for the movie.

  2. Kelly / Mar 12 2012

    Favorite 80’s movie- tie between The Goonies and Teen Witch. Both superb examples of cinema– Goonies because it’s so darn quotable, and Teen Witch because of the music montage scenes 🙂

  3. Nicole / Mar 13 2012

    I wish I would have thought to put Teen Witch!!!

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