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Mar 12 / Kat

Kitty Corner – Passion for Fashion: eShakti

by Kat

I get questions all the time about how to dress a ‘difficult’ figure. Let’s just start by saying that almost everyone has things they don’t like or things they find a challenge about their bodies. Personally, my hips are a smaller size than my shoulders, and that can make buying dresses hard. For the most part, I’ve just learned to deal with it, but there are other solutions. Here to share more, is my friend Julie!

Hi! My name is Julie and Kat graciously invited me to write a guest blog about plus size sized fashion and my new found love for a company called eShakti.com. Before we get to the pretty pictures, I should tell you that last year I went through chemotherapy and over about a 10 months period, I lost 70 pounds. That meant going from a size 26 to an 18ish and rediscovering things like my waist. As I was losing weight, I needed clothes for three weddings, dozens of business meetings, a conference and my 40th birthday party. Since a girl can’t dress entirely out of the Lands End catalog, I stumbled upon eShakti.com.

My first purchase was the eShakti Banded Waist dress which I was able to customize for just $7.50 more. Yes, I was able to have a dress custom made for my exact measurements for less than two lattes. I had a $20 first-time customer coupon so I got my customized dress for about $50 plus shipping and handling.

As a returning customer, I signed up for the Rewards program and every month I get a percentage off “deal” of anywhere from 15% – 40% off. Over the last year, I’ve acquired several items for my closet including my personal favorite blouse ever.

photo courtesy of Monique Goch, Moxy Imagery

I’ve also bought lots of dresses… lots and lots of dresses.


But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want more… my wish list includes:


The trick to ordering dresses from eShakti.com and other sites is to fearlessly and honestly take your measurements. Have someone else do this for you if necessary and know that the charts are EXACTLY accurate. You can’t really fit into a smaller size and I’d encourage you to take the opportunity to get something made to order (except wrap dresses, those you can adjust yourself.)

How much fun is it to wear a dress that makes you feel beautiful?

That’s me at #VacantLansing, dancing and laughing with friends. I felt beautiful, I looked pretty darn good and that silk dress is machine washable which is a really good thing.

Anyone else tried eShakti and have thoughts? Or another similar retailer? We’d love to hear your suggestions!


all photos by eShakti except where obvious. 🙂


  1. Julie / Mar 12 2012

    If you decide to try eShakti.com, I’ve got $20 gift certificates to give away! (Up to 10, I think.) You can use my referral code: JULIEPOWERS11122. (P.S. I got the referral offer AFTER Kat asked me to post and after it posted today. Is eShakti.com really good at social media marketing? Maybe. But I love a deal.)

  2. navi / Mar 12 2012

    I have a problem where I’m generally a size 6-10 (more lately, 8-10) and have always wished the plus sized clothes were available in my size. Those dresses are gorgeous!

  3. Kat / Mar 12 2012

    I’m loving that these come in sizes from 0-26W!

  4. Celia / Mar 12 2012

    TTHANK YOU for this resource! I will definately be trying a dress from them!

  5. Robotspaceship / Mar 12 2012

    Thanks, for the great share, Julie! Those dresses are gorgeous. I’m seriously considering some purchases now!

  6. Helly / Mar 20 2012

    I’m seriously considering the banded waist dress, too (the first one). Do you have any pics of yourself in it? Would love to see it on a real live person if you don’t mind sharing 🙂

  7. molly / Apr 25 2012

    My items finally arrived today after ordering them on march 30th they came april 24th. The guarantee on their website about shipping time is bullshit.

    So my order finally comes im in canada and I had to pay the UPS guy 160$ in brokerage and custom fees.

    When my items came I received 2 of the same dresses and one of my dresses was missing.

    I ended up returning 5 dresses and keeping 3 and it costs me 21$ to mail the dresses back to WA.

    I will never order from this company again.
    The dresses fit well because I custom ordered it but they weren’t amazing fabrics or dresses.

    I am very disapointed in this company.

    you look great though

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