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Mar 29 / Podcast Tron 3000

Podcast 51 – “Fly Rule,” Lansing Lugnuts Crosstown Showdown, Artie’s Filling Station

Daniel learns about the infield fly rule, Jesse Goldberg-Strassler (the voice of the Lansing Lugnuts) chats about the Crosstown Showdown, and John Miller talks about Artie’s Filling Station.

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Opening Sketch: “Infield Fly Rule”  Jesse explains the infield fly rule to Daniel.

First Segment: (00:00 +/- 14:12) Live, from the Lansing Public Media Center (recorded 03.27.2012)  Daniel J. Hogan (along with producer Melik) chats with the voice of the Lansing Lugnuts, Jesse Goldberg-Strassler. Jesse has all the details on next week’s Crosstown Showdown, which has the Lugnuts face-off against a team from Michigan State University. Plus, it is the first Thirsty Thursday of the season!

(Kat Cooper is on assignment at a ranch dressing convention. She will return next week. OR WILL SHE)

Second Segment: (+/- 14:13 – End)

John Miller from Artie’s Filling Station talks about Old Town’s newest coffee shop (and squirrels). Jesse sticks around to help with the interview, because Daniel is lost without Kat’s charm and skills. (Unless the conversation is about Voltron, then LOOK OUT) Daniel also shares his thoughts, briefly, on The Hunger Games film.


Notes from the Geek

I am really lost without Kat, and I’m not saying that because she paid me (her check bounced).

Daniel (the Geek)

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