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Apr 26 / Podcast Tron 3000

Podcast 55 – “Avenge Me” sketch; Paul Starr from I’m a Beer Hound; Michigan Craft Beer; Lansing Events

A sketch about the Avengers film; Paul Starr from I’m a Beer Hound; Michigan craft beer; Lansing Events; Superhero films.

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Opening Sketch: “Avenge Me,”  Daniel asks Kat if she is going to see the Avengers film. (Written by Daniel J. Hogan)

Main Segment: Live, from the Lansing Public Media Center (recorded 04.17.2012)  Kat Cooper and Daniel J. Hogan (along with producer Melik) chat with Paul Starr from I’m a Beer Hound, a website about Michigan craft beer.

The conversation also touches on Important Topics such as using beer as a hair rinse, drinking beer in the shower, the She-Raverse, and the Punky Brewstiverse. Charlie Rose, this ain’t.


Redhead Design Migration

Good Fruit Open House

Karaoke for a Cure

Spring Football Game


Legally Blonde

Lansing Happy Hour Club
Celebration Cinemas Cult Classics


Notes from the Geek

As you will hear in the show, I was luke-warm about the Avengers, but then I (finally) watched Thor. I am already mentally in line. Or just mental. Even bet.

Daniel (the Geek)

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