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May 10 / Podcast Tron 3000

Podcast 057 – “Wishes” Sketch, CADL Events, GAFBO Beard Prom

A sketch about wishing for Internet popularity, Liz and Allie from Capital Area District Library talk about events, and John and Kyle from GAFBO chat about their beard prom.

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Opening Sketch: “Wishes,”  A woman finds an old bottle containing a genie. (Written by Daniel J. Hogan)

Main Segment (00:00 to +/- 12:00): Live, from the Lansing Public Media Center (recorded 05.01.2012)  Kat Cooper and Daniel J. Hogan (along with producer Melik) chat with Liz and Allie from the Capital Area District Library about their upcoming events. Events include two appearances by humorist Wade Rouse (5/14 at the Williamston Theatre and 5/22 in REO Town). Other events include BlookSleuth and Summer Reading. Daniel also shamelessly plugs his blog for CADL.

Second segment (+/- 12:00 to end): John and Kyle from the Great American Fierce Beard Organization share the details about their upcoming ‘beard prom’ at Gone Wired Cafe’, “Love Through the Ages.” The adult prom is a benefit for Potter Park Zoo.


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City Center Concert Series

Reception & Skype event with The Bloggess

Boogie Stomp!
Lansing Happy Hour Club
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Notes from the Geek

I like a good Lycos joke.

Daniel (the Geek)

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